Bubble.io Plugin

Setup your plugin

After search for "ChatParse.AI" and installing the plugin from marketplace, setup the API keys with your token

Your token can be found at any pages within the ChatParse.AI portal:

Using the plugin - displaying analyzed data in a bubble page

To display data in bubble pages, first create a group with it's "type of content" set to the name of the analysis model in ChatParse.AI like below:

Within the group created a text element with it's appearence setup to the group result's body value like below:

In the workflow of that page, choose a trigger (e.g. when a button is clicked), on the first action select "display data in a group", then select the group and data to display like below. For (body) query choose data source for the message to be analysed.

All done! You can check out our demo on the above at any of our analysis model page demo tab

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