What is ChatParse.AI

ChatParse.AI is an API platform for pre-trained NLP models, and provide instant AI analysis results through Restful API calls, and bubble, integromat and Zapier plugins.

ChatParse.AI portal: https://www.chatparse.ai/

How to use ChatParse.AI

ChatParse.AI act as an intermediate AI component for software which looks like below:

For software stated in the above diagram, it can be chatbots, data analytics, CRM or any other softwares which requires dynamic and real time AI analysis.

Getting Super Powers of AI

Getting AI super power is a fairly straight forward process:

  1. Register your account at www.chatparse.ai and receive your token

  2. Find the analysis model that you needed

  3. (for engineers): Use the token to make restful calls

  4. (for no-code entrepreneurs): install and use our plugin at Bubble/Zapier/Integromat with our token

We have free trial of 100 analysis/mo. for starters. Test our super-powers first and only pay when you're not happy with it! Regsiter here

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