Analysis Models Overview

There are 3 major types of analysis model in ChatParse.AI.

Intent Analysis models

These analysis models provide intent analysis on business and casual conversations, and give the category of such conversation.

Based on real life business and casual conversations, currently there is Yes/No Intent detection and Interested/Not Interested intent detection to empower workflow builders.

Use case: usually for chatbot builders

Collect Info models

Capture customer information from a paragraph. When customer sent a messages about them, this AI model will help to filter out the data and capture important info about that customer, so relevant info can be quickly pull out for future follow up.

Use case: usually for CRM automation

Sentimental Analysis models

Use this AI to detect unhappy customer before losing them, or promote happy customers to ambassador and share good news about your brand. Happy customers means good business, so handling customer sentiments with care and scale is utter importance to any business

Use case: usually for Business Intelligence

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