Zapier Plugin

Setup your plugin

Click accept invite & build a Zap
After installing ChatParse.AI plugin into your Zapier, when creating/updating a Zap, you will be able to find ChatParse.AI in your action when you search "ChatParse" in action.
After selecting ChatParse.AI as action, you can choose an event from a list of NLP AI analysis:
You will be asked to sign in to ChatParse.AI
You will be asked to provide a token from ChatParse.AI
You will need to locate your token at ChatParse.AI. Goes to , login and visit any analysis model page like below, and you can find your token under "API" section.
All analysis models shared the same token
After put in the token and submit at Zapier, it will show you have successfully linked to your account
Choose the text from the previous action that will pass to the NLP AI for analysis
For the output of the ChatParse plugin, different analysis models provide different parameters, you can find out by referring to the next node or check out the documentations of the models' Restful API pages.
After ChatParse return the AI analysis to you, you can save it at your CRM, excel, airtable, or further enable chatbot functions and ask further questions based on the user reply.